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Philippe Cardon: “Think of the Playstation 4 NEO As An Update”

Since the Playstation VR and the Playstation 4 NEO (otherwise known as the Playstation 4.5 or Playstation 4K) have been announced (for the VR) and have a lot of leaks and info coming out about it (for the NEO), many people are wondering how the Playstation 4 can keep up with the ever-intensifying need for improved graphics.

Playstation France president Philippe Cardon had his own thoughts on the matter, which were to mainly think of the Playstation 4 NEO as an upgrade, rather than a new console.

PS4 has been developed to be compatible with the VR. But in the life of a console, the research and development teams are still working on improvements. The current PS4 goes back many years. It is normal to think of updating. However, I have no more information than that to provide.

Games and game consoles are constantly being updated to keep up with the latest technology, ranging from new graphics engines to new tech on the actual console. As a case in point, the Playstation 4 NEO will be using tech from the Quantum Break engine in order to get the games on it to be compatible with the console’s 1080p requirement.

However, Cardon claiming that the Playstation 4 NEO was just an upgrade is similar to Xbox president Phil Spencer’s own assertions that there would not be an Xbox 1.5, and that the company would simply focus on upgrading the Xbox One’s existing hardware.

Earlier this week, it was also revealed that starting in October, Playstation 4 games would now have two different modes: one regular mode for a regular Playstation 4, and the other mode a Neo mode for the Playstation 4 NEO.

Playstation VR and a number of other Playstation peripheries will be compatible with the Playstation 4 NEO when it finally releases whenever.

But, for the meantime, the most we can do is wait for an official announcement, which may come with an official release date.