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Final Fantasy XV Flow of Time is a thing of Beauty

Final Fantasy XV is a visual masterpiece and hands down one of the most graphically strong games of this console generation. One of the most notable elements is the lighting and flow of time created by a very talented team member Mr. Tsumura.

He is a member of the lighting team that creates skies and weather of Final Fantasy XV. Tsumura is also known as Tsumura Lab among his peers.

Why devs call him Tsumura lab? Check this out – Head Mount Display – Made by hand, at the Tsumura residence, Reflectometer – Made by hand, A 360 HDR panorama shot of Tokyo, and Real sky in the game. Right: Adjusted with the Sky System.

Different information is taken from the real world and dropped inside the game. 360 HDR panorama shot of Tokyo, and Real sky Adjusted with the Sky System are a perfect example.

Like in the real world, there are 24 hours a day in the world of FFXV. In order to create the flow of these hours, we had to get as close as possible to the real world, with the sun and the moon, and mornings and evenings. So we check if the skies in the game are correctly being simulated with just the sun and sky!

The sun is 400,000 times brighter than the Moon is real life but in a videogame this same difference will not be feasible. The moon is 100,000 brighter in Final Fantasy XV so the human eye detects it.

Devs have put in a lot of effort into Final Fantasy XV for a decade. The game will finally be released in September for PlayStation 4, Xbox One.