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Star Fox Zero Arcade Mode and Scale of the Game Discussed by Miyamoto

The state of Star Fox Zero sounds really promising especially after the stellar reviews that it has gotten from reputed Japanese magazine Famitsu. However, the Star Fox Zero Arcade Mode is a relatively new aspect of the game which is why we should look into it with as much detail as possible.

Shigeru Miyamoto, the game designer for Platinum Games’ latest has recently shed some light on exactly what the fous is going to be with the newly announced mode. He says that with the Arcade Mode, they are exploring the potential of taking on new routes to test the mettle with the advanced players.

The Star Fox Zero Arcade Mode is basically going to elongate the time you will be spending with the game by giving you new content on every new route.

Although we considered being able to play the same stage using different vehicles when designing the game, we concluded that the enjoyment of Star Fox is to discover new routes, and there is enjoyment in finding different paths even after completion. Furthermore, there is an Arcade Mode which is a route-focused mode for advanced users, so I am confident that players can enjoy the game for a long time. We hope that you’ll make time to play!

Miyamoto has also boasted that the game has grown so much bigger than the actual plans that it might actually be on “an equivalent scale to the Nintendo 64 game or even bigger.”

Now that we are only one day away from the release of the game, how excited are you about the game and the Star Fox Zero Arcade Mode?

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