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Spring Update of Guild Wars 2 Brings Level 80 Boost and More

Developer ArenaNet has released spring update of Guild Wars 2. With this update every Heart Of Thorns owner, now or in the future, will be boosted to level 80 in order to maximize the chances of victory against Mordremoth.

According to the developers:

Because so much of our Heart of Thorns content is for level-80 players, we want everyone to be able to experience this content as soon as possible

This boost can only be used once and only on one character, so you might want to make sure that on whatever character you use it on you want to keep it. For this purpose the boost comes with a trial mode which lets you test your level 80 boost in Silverwastes.

If you choose to not take the boost then fear not because creatures drop 50% more XP and also Heart of Thorns rewards no longer suffer diminishing results. Loot has been streamlined to free up your inventory slots and adventures are easier to complete and reward more XP.

World linking has also been introduced, which creates alliances between low pop worlds to give them enough strength to defeat powerful opponents. Right now it is in beta and matchmaking has also been reset, so expect a lot of variations in your opponents for some time.

Exploration has been made easy and major waypoints have been uncontested allowing you to go through and collect extra loot from daily challenges, achievements and events.

Some changes have been made to player vs player map challenges. The Spirit Watch, Skyhammer, Forest of Niflhel, and Legacy of the Foefire maps have all received quality-of-life updates to improve gameplay.

Also a new waepon have been added, a Legendary Short bow with the spring update of Guild Wars 2.

According to the developers:

Every true hunter is responsible for the lives they take. Embark on a hunt for two great tigers, Chuka and Champawat, and build the legendary short bow that bears their names.

You can check out the official release page of Guild Wars 2 update.

Guild Wars 2 is an free to play MMORPG and is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.