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SNK Bringing The Last Blade 2 to PS4 and Vita

SNK PLAYMORE corporation’s Keisuke Nishikawa has announced that they are bringing their legendary game The Last Blade 2 to PS4 and PS Vita on MAY 24.

The announcement came from the official PlayStation blog in which Nishikawa said that inspired by the success of Metal Slug 3 and backing of Sony, they are excited to share details about Neo Geo’s masterpiece and most requested game port.

Not only the game will be pixel perfect emulation of the original but the developers, Code Mystics, have added some online features. The Last Blade 2 will have local and online multiplayer along with cross play and cross save between PS4 and PS Vita.

The game will feature an Epic story set during the Twilight period of the Samurai.

Nishikawa shared some details about the story:

Hell’s Gate, the boundary between life and death. Four Mythological Symbols are about to fight to the death against an ultimate spirit awakened from the netherworld, and send him straight back to Hell! Taking place during the end of the Edo period, a mystical and spectacular story is about to unfold.

Now let’s talk about the characters of the game. There will be 12 characters returning from the original game and 4 brand new characters will also join them along with two hidden characters. The Last Blade 2 features 18 characters, and lets you chose the fighter whose fighting style fits you the most to seal the gates of HELL.

The gameplay mechanic is not changed much, players can choose the sword of their liking between power, speed and extreme modes. Game has quite an emphasis on repel mechanic, be sure to learn it as you will need it to counter your opponent’s attacks. The Last Stand 2 also features hidden attacks like Super Secret Slash and Hidden Secret Slash which will be essential to your victory.

The most interesting part of this announcement is the cross play functionality. Players can fight against each other on PS4 or Vita. Saved data on Vita will be available on PS4 and also the other way around.

The Last Blade 2 is an arcade fighting game developed by SNK for Neo Geo arcade system in 1999. Later the game was ported to Dreamcast in 2000 and then to Wii Virtual console in 2012.