Shadow Complex Remastered is Coming to PS4 on May 3

Epic Games has announced that Shadow Complex Remastered is coming to PlayStation 4 on May 3. Shadow Complex Remastered will offer players all of the content from the original game with enhanced visuals and additional Master Challenges.

Little additions like the all-new dynamic melee take-downs will enhance your experience as well. The story of the game will unfold across many non-linear levels. Gameplay features exploration and fast paced combat that challenges you to gather power ups, complete missions, take down enemies and explore the mysteries of the world.

The main campaign is over 10 hours long expanding across multiple playthroughs until you find all the items and powerups.

Shadow Complex Remastered gives you all of the original game content, updated with graphical enhancements, and additional Master Challenges. We’ve also added some fun surprises like all-new dynamic melee take-downs, so you can feel even more awesome when you’re stealing the bad guys’ tech and using it against them!

If you wish to check out Shadow Complex Remastered, there a Twitch stream scheduled for 4:00 PM Eastern. Head over here for the Twitch stream. You can also check out the game’s announcement trailer above.

If you didn’t play Shadow Complex Remastered before, we definitely recommend picking it up on May 3.