Playstation 4K Games Will Only Run at 1080p

As more and more information is leaked on the Playstation 4K, or “Playstation Neo” as Sony appears to be calling it, we also get more details on how the console is going to work. One of the main things got leaked now is that Playstation 4K games will be “limited” to playing in 1080p while on the console.

At the moment, most regular Playstation 4 games run their games at 900p resolution, in contrast to the Xbox One, which is limited to 720p resolution. When Playstation 4K games start hitting the market, we’ll most likely see higher graphic fidelity during gameplay on the console.

Starting in October, according to Giant Bomb, Playstation 4 games that would release now have two different modes: a “Normal Mode” for regular Playstation 4 consoles, and a “Neo Mode” for the Playstation 4K.

The Playstation 4K will also be able to up the resolution on other applications, such as Remote Play and recording game footage on the Playstation 4K’s internal game DVR. Other peripherals will also be compatible with the Playstation 4K, and so will existing controllers.

Thankfully, Playstation 4K games will still be playable on the regular Playstation 4, hence the two different modes that games will now be shipped with. The Playstation 4K will reportedly have a better GPU and CPU, along with a higher memory bandwidth, all of which will help the developers of upcoming Playstation 4 games be able to push the graphics card harder on the new console to take advantage of the resolution.

There still isn’t any real indication of when exactly the Playstation 4K will release (though some say Holiday of this year), or even when it will be officially announced. While many say that it will happen before this year’s E3 conference, there’s always the chance that Sony will pull the Playstation 4K out specifically for its own conference during the event.