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Platinum Games’s Scalebound Design Philosophy Blends Action/Action RPG

One of the hottest video games that’s being talked about right now is yet another Platinum Games product, the Action RPG/Character action game Scalebound. In a statement at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Diego this year, Platinum director Atsushi Inaba explained the Scalebound design philosophy, mainly on how the studio merged Action and Action RPG in the game.

Scalebound initially was announced at E3 2014, and showed us a cool and beautiful trailer of the protagonist, Drew, fighting alongside his dragon partner Thuban.

While that trailer and the Gamescom 2015 trailer both showed that there would be cooperative monster fights with other players, we didn’t really get a good look at the game’s customization system, which Inaba explained the thoughts behind.

Unlike Platinum’s most well known series, the character action series Bayonetta, Scalebound will be a bit of step back, where character customization will help to make Drew and Thuban their own characters, rather than the barely-there customization of other Platinum games, both licensed (like Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance or the Legend of Korra game) and unlicensed (Bayonetta).

The Gamescom trailer showed us that Thuban could have a multitude of different looks, and that character customization would also be a big part of both characters. Inaba even said that Scalebound director Hideki Kamiya has a strong preference for unique-looking characters, so Drew definitely won’t be any sort of “uninspired” player avatar.

The Scalebound design philosophy in general will be geared towards the personal growth of the two main characters in order to make them their own, unique characters. While the emphasis will be on Thuban, Drew will also have his own set of unique actions, and the two will most likely be able to grow even closer and more distinct as we take them out into the world of Draconis in 2017, when the game finally releases.