Hangar 13 Writer Explains Logic Behind Mafia 3 Setting

Since Mafia 3 was officially announced yesterday with a trailer and a release date, information has been pouring out of developer Hangar 13. Now, the game’s lead writer Bill Harms explains the logic behind New Bordeaux, the fictional city that is central to Mafia 3 setting.

“One of the most interesting things about the franchise is that every game is set in a place and in a very specific period. One of the reasons why we chose the 1968 because it has been a really crazy year,” Harms said.

And he would be right. 1968 was one of the most tumultuous periods in the history of the United States for a variety of reasons: the United States was still embroiled in the Vietnam War (where the central character Lincoln Clay has just come home from), while the Civil Rights movement dominated the other half of the country’s news as Martin Luther King attempted to gain equal rights for blacks. King would be assassinated by a white man in April of that year. Robert Kennedy, the brother of John F. Kennedy, would also be assassinated by a radical Palestinian after winning the California Democratic primary for the 1968 presidential race.

All of this promises to give the Mafia 3 setting a rich word to interact with, and gives players a good insight into the state of the country around that time.

In the context of the game, the mafia was also losing power as the strengthening of police forces slowly but steadily brought down the US mafia cartels. Lincoln Clay will come home during this period of change to rejoin the crimianl gang he left behind while he was in Vietnam, only to have it all ripped away by the Italian mob of New Bordeaux. Now looking for revenge, Clay will build up his own criminal gang in order to bring the Italians down.

Mafia 3 will be released on October 7 for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. If you pre-order it you can get the Family Kick-Back DLC pack, which includes three exclusive vehicles and weapons. Pre-ordering the $80 Deluxe Edition will get you the Family Kick-Back pack and the season pass in addition to post-release content, and the $150 Collector’s Edition also includes a vinyl record of the game’s soundtrack, an art book, art prints, and more.