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Mafia 3 Game Length Will be “Hours and Hours;” Worthy Replayability Too!

One thing that Mafia 2 seriously lacked in was the amount of content the game had – if only the developers put in some more hours to the game length it would have made all the difference needed. However, that is apparently what they are trying to do with the Mafia 3 game length.

Hangar 13 boasts of “hours and hours and hours” of content that will come to you with the upcoming installment in the series and part of the reason for that is going to be replayability elements.

One of the main guys working on the game, Haden Blackman says he is also a completionist – apart from being the studio director at Hangar 13, of course. Blackman says that it might be too early to tell exactly how many hours are we looking at, but promises plenty in the Mafia 3 game length.

We’re not talking about the exact hours yet, I’m a completionist too. It is hours and hours and hours of content. I hope that people are encouraged to replay and see things that they didn’t see before. Hopefully people go back and look for those little hidden gems.

The “notion that the players co-author in the experience” is being kept at the front and center of the development process and Blackman says that they “have that tag line for Hanger 13, that every player’s story is unique,” and that “that’s definitely something [they] want to try and push for everything.”

Recently, the developers have announced that the game will release on October 7, 2016 and also shared a new trailer showing off what it is worth.

Thanks, GameSpot.