E3 2016: Xbox One Could Win the Console War 2.0 Without Even Fighting

E3 2013 was the starting point of a new console war cycle where PlayStation 4 and Xbox One went head to head. Initial marketing and poor messaging dented Xbox One so it has been playing catch up to PS4 since then.

We already know how this generation is going to turn out. PlayStation 4 is going stay in the lead while Xbox One will have to settle for number 2. There’s nothing exciting in that, is it? More competition means more effort from both companies to get our attention with exclusive content, features and offers.

But right now things are pretty stale.

However, that may change soon with the release of PlayStation 4K and Nintendo NX. There are rumors that a new PS4 model is in the works, we heard from numerous credible sources that this is happening.

The problem with PS4K is that it may possibly divide PlayStation community. If will apparently release with improved CPU, GPU and I think unless Sony offers a trade-in program of some sort, don’t release exclusive PS4K games, properly optimize games for the base model rather focusing on PSK4 entirely, get developers on board who are actually not happy with PS4K, they could potentially be shooting themselves in the foot.

Recently BioWare founder called PS4K a complete lunacy because no developer want the headache of developing for different platforms of this kind. It requires extra cost, more planning etc.

If Sony releases a new model, it will go head to head with NX while Xbox One will be watching from a distance as the battle goes down. Microsoft doesn’t have any plans for a more powerful Xbox One, which will prove be a smart move if Sony screws it up as Xbox One will be there to pick up the pieces and be back in the game.

You have to wonder why would Sony do this? I have a feeling that it has something to do with PlayStation VR. Could PS4K squeeze out more performance from PSVR? Possibly. But that can’t be the only reason.

Nintendo NX and PS4K are expected to be at E3 which makes this year’s event as exciting as E3 2013. E3 2016 is being held in June at the LA Convention Center.

If Sony screws up with PS4K, Do you think Xbox One will benefit from it? Comment with your opinions down below.