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The Division Changelog Reveals Glitch Fixes in April 21 Patch

With The Division’s April 21 update coming out tomorrow, Ubisoft has released The Division changelog that talks about the few minor but relatively important changes that are going to be coming when the update begins.

Falcon Lost, the game’s first Incursion that was finally added to the game at the beginning of the month, is getting two important changes to make the raid both more dangerous and less prone to cheesing (that is, playing in a certain method that takes away the challenge of the game). The update also addresses a few issues in the game, which were somewhat addressed by Ubisoft yesterday when they gave out free Phoenix Credits to players as compensation.

Firstly, the APC that serves as a boss for the raid is now immune to bullets; if you want to get rid of it, you’re going to have to be brave and plant C4 on it, because that’s now the only way to damage it.

Secondly, players can now no longer retreat into the spawn closet for enemies in order to prevent them from spawning: you try and do that, and you’ll die.

Weapon mods are also now finally able to be deconstructed properly, and they will now be automatically added to a newly crafted weapon, saving players some hassle.

Finally, The Division changelog talks about two small fixes in the game: Items will now be regularly coming from the Reward Claim Vendor, so players now don’t have to wait or do anything special to get their just rewards. Players will also no longer be kicked from the game for using ASCII code in the in-game chat, which previously would cause the game to crash.

While The Division has been filled with bugs for much of its run, it’s nice to see Ubisoft finally taking action and helping to get rid of some of the minor ones. With luck, soon some of the other major bugs that remain in the game will be fixed as well.