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Devs Don’t Like PS4K; More Development Cost, Planning is a Pain

Rumors have been circling around the internet about PS4K and let just say game developers are not exactly thrilled about it. Colin Moriarty, co-founder of Kinda Funny Games, Tweeted that a very trusted source has told him that developers are not happy because of the new PlayStation console PS4K.

At the bright side game studios will be able to harness the extra power these consoles provide. Developers can make their games run better and upscale to 4K. Also, PS4 has a hard time pushing 60FPS at Full HD which is a problem that can be resolved with powerful hardware.

Now the reason the developers should not be happy about it is because the extra development time they need to put into games, the increase in cost and extra planning for the new console.

As of now most of the AAA titles take approximately 3 years to develop for Xbox one, PlayStation 4 and PC which is already a long development time. As the development time increases publishers start to worry about their revenue because the games needs to sell more units to turn a profit.

If the rumors are true and new PS4 is released then developers have to make sure that games run on this console as well despite of the different configurations and developers will have to optimize 4 to 5 versions of the game which is not good from a business perspective.

Right now nothing is confirmed that PS4K is actually a thing but more and more rumors are popping regarding this console. Yesterday a report suggested that new console by SONY is codenamed Neo and will have upgraded hardware like increased CPU clock, better GPU and increased clock speed for RAM.