Dark Souls 3 Cheaters and Legitimate Players Banned on Equal Grounds

Dark Souls 3 cheaters are being banned by From Software due to violation of terms and services and using invalid data on their account. Thier online experience is axed for the time being.

As soon as Dark Souls 3 detects invalid data that may help you cheat in the game, the following message pops up sharing the good news.


Invalid game data remains present on your account; as such your account has now been penalized to restrict online experience. The use of invalid data during gameplay is a violation of the online end user license agreement.

While banning cheaters is a welcomed step, lots of legitimate users are being banned as well. The system isn’t smart enough to differentiate between a cheater and someone who hasn’t done anything wrong.

Many players are reporting that they have been banned for no reason; they didn’t use mods, no cheats etc. A large amount of PC user base is experience this issue and so far From Software hasn’t resolved it.

Players don’t know what triggers this softban which adds to the frustration. One of the users reported that he got the message as soon as he booted the game for the very first time.

Some believe that plugging in the controller triggers this ban but it can’t be said for sure. For now,┬áDark Souls 3 cheaters and legitimate players are all equals.

Dark Souls 3 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.