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That Cappry Rambo Game from 2014 is Getting DLC, Why Now?

Back in 2014, one of the most terrible games of past console generation released, it was called Rambo The Video Game. Players assume the role of war veteran John Rambo who replays the scenes from the first three films. Gameplay mechanics included stealth, demolition, and melee combat using the trademark Rambo Knife.

It was a terrible game that had nothing working for it, all Rambo fans had a good laugh and moved on but the torture isn’t over. After 2 years devs are releasing a DLC called Rambo: The Baker team. You have to ask why release a DLC after two year? Well, devs have an answer.

Some changes to the base game have been made as well. According to devs “the new level cap and perks means that people can now get higher top scores on the original levels.” Most expansions would release with a price tag but I don’t think most gamers would pay for an expansion for Rambo.

The good news is that the Baker Team will be free, however, the base game is available for 50% off on Steam. You can pick it up for $649 at the time of this writing.