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Star Citizen Stretch Goals Cut for Launch, Game Trying to Be Star Wars

If you are one of the backers of Star Citizen then the following news won’t please you in any way. According to Chris Roberts, Star Citizen won’t fulfill its later stretch goals at the game’s commercial release.

Despite raising 112 million dollars, Chris Roberts thinks version 1.0 is better without all the later Star Citizen stretch goals. However, devs will keep working on the game as long as fans want to play it. We will see visual upgrades, gameplay improvements, new content, missions, stories and much more.

Speaking of stories, after the Squadron 42 trilogy comes to an end, devs will focus on a Star Wars like road map for Star Citizen. Different stories and adventures will be added, some directly related to what’s happening and some will be spin-offs like Star Wars Rogue One.

Once we have told the Squadron 42 trilogy, we will move on and have other stories to tell, not necessarily a military story, maybe an adventure, a sort of Han Solo style adventure; it’s a huge universe. Look what Disney’s doing with Star Wars, they have got a whole roadmap of the main ones, spin-off ones, and all the rest of the stuff

Coming back to the stretch goals, Roberts assured fans that stretch goals aren’t cancelled and those who don’t make it to the commercial release will be added later at some point.

It is routine for MMO titles to add new content, crowdfunding projects change their vision and development goals at different stages. Unfortunately with Star Citizen, each change or hurdle in development have been poorly handled by devs and Chris Roberts himself.

The scale of Star Citizen’s ambition has been the main problem.

Source: Ten With Chairman