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Riot Games Lawsuit Filed by PaiN Gaming Over Player-Poaching

Back in 2015, the Brazilian division of Riot Games slammed Brazilian League of Legends team PaiN Gaming for attempting to poach a team member from a different team, INTZ player Caio Almeida.

The penalties given to PaiN Gaming included a loss of rights to the spring split’s prize pool, the suspension of PaiN Gaming’s director, and a season-long ban on Almeida participating as part of PaiN. Now, a Riot Games lawsuit has been filed by PaiN due to Riot Games allegedly not allowing them to defend themselves from the accusations.

Almeida, otherwise known as “Loop,” remains free to play with any other organizations, he just can’t play with PaiN.

While PaiN may seem underhanded in trying to poach a player from another team, the team in question, INTZ, doesn’t have a squeaky clean record itself; back in January of 2016 they were found to be in violation of the “sister rule”, which got their own directors suspended.

The “sister rule” is a rule in the League of Legends tournament scene that says that each team in the league is allowed to have one sister team. INTZ had violated the rule by pretending to sell their sister team under the rules of the CBLoL (the League of Legends World Championship). When it was found out that they in fact did not sell their sister team, INTZ was punished.

The Riot Games lawsuit by PaiN Gaming has been filed with the Sao Paulo Court of Justice, while Almeida continues to work with PaiN as an analyst for now. We don’t have any real idea of how the situation will turn out, but we can only hope that justice will be served for one party or another, and that everyone will be able to walk away satisfied, even if the ruling turned out to be against them.