New Destiny Expansion Coming on September 20?

Fans of Destiny have found a new clue that leads towards a possible Destiny expansion plans reveal.

The clue comes from the April update of the game which includes some mysterious new lore hidden inside a dead ghost, which can be found in Prison Of Elders.

It is unlikely that you would find such item by chance because for obvious reasons this item was placed in the game to be found. Still it confused a lot of fans when just after 16 minutes of the update went live a walkthrough popped up about how to find this item.

The walkthrough was published by a Reddit user named Rezyl Azzir, who apparently had downloaded the update, completed a Prison Of Elders mission, found this item and posted the walkthrough just in 16 minutes.

Other players were surprised but when they checked out the location as described in the walkthrough they too found the collectible. The lore it contains, details about a character named Rezyl Azzir and a short story related to him during founding of the game`s city.

As more and more players found the collectible, Rezyl Azzir vanished from Reddit by deleting his walkthrough and then he deleted his account. Before the account was deleted fans spotted a message on his account which was written in Latin.

Fans translated the message:

The twentieth day of the ninth month. IT is coming. Forward, to the stars.

In the game`s weekly blog update community manager Deej wrote:

The next point on the horizon is an update we’re cooking up for the Fall, I’ve seen it. I’m excited about it. I will say no more… For now

Deej further said that hopefully April update served as a proof that we are committed about Destiny`s content.

As for what the next Destiny expansion will be nothing was revealed about that but it has got us excited.

Destiny is a MMO FPS released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox one and PlayStation 4.