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Microsoft is Apparently Testing New Xbox One Ideas

Even though Phil Spencer has said that Microsoft will not be making an “Xbox 1.5” like Sony’s Playstation 4.5, that doesn’t mean that Microsoft isn’t testing new Xbox One ideas for other tech like it.

Tech website The Verge has gotten information from Microsoft that they’ve been testing prototype tech on upgraded components that you would normally see on a PC rig.

Recent filings with the Federal Communications Commission have also brought up rumors about a possible “Slim” version of the Xbox One, much like the Xbox 360 Slim version that came out in 2010.

Phil Spencer also said that he would be interested in technology that could help the Xbox One have both backwards and forwards compatibility.

While Spencer’s comments earlier in the month have made sure that Microsoft will most likely not be putting out any kind of “new” version of the Xbox One in the foreseeable future, his emphasis on upgrading hardware on the existing console instead of just creating a new one might help it to make up the difference in sales between the Xbox One and the Playstation 4.

The Playstation 4 had a reputation for better graphics than the Xbox One ever since the two consoles released, but if Microsoft is testing new Xbox One ideas on the same kind of hardware that goes in a PC, then the Microsoft community might increase if the Xbox One can put out better graphics.

The possibility of the Xbox One also being able to keep up with playing games from next generation could also help it in the long run, as opposed to the Xbox 360 which is rapidly becoming obsolete as new games omit features from the 360 in favor of putting the full game on the Xbox One.

Time will only tell what the new Xbox One ideas that Microsoft is testing will actually be, but hopefully they’ll allow the Xbox to be able to catch up to the Playstation 4 in its sales and graphics.