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Mafia 3 Will Glorify the Term “Mafia,” Presented as a Documentary

Mafia 3 release date was just announced along with details of its two special editions and a trailer. The game is coming out on October 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Mafia 3 was announced last year and follows the story of Lincoln Clay. He is a war veteran who returned from the Vietnam war in search of peace and his friends. He comes back to New Bordeaux, a fictional representation of New Orleans, only fall back in with his old gang.

His old gang soon gets attacked by the Italian mod and Clay is left for dead. He survives and is now out for revenge on the man responsible. Clay is building his own criminal empire and you will be in the driving seat to guide him through the process.

Mafia 3 is the first truly open world Mafia game but still offers trademark cinematic moments made famous by previous Mafia games. Devs have created a very strong narrative that will pull players forward by using emotions of hatred, love, ambition to create a criminal empire.

Mafia 3 is set in the time when the term Mafia really started to diminish and lose its true meaning. The world was changing, the law was getting stronger and the Mafia was starting to fade. Writers have done as exceptional job of creating a story that stays true to this element and present a different kind of mobster who goes after the Italian mob. Which is interesting because during the 60s the Italian mob was starting lose its glory, it was in the 60s they were merely a shell of their former self.

Mafia 3 is being presented as a documentary detailing the events of 1968 involving the Italian mob and our lead Lincoln Clay. Between major missions of the game, Jon Donovan – a new character, will be seen standing in a courtroom detailing Clay’s actions. You will see bits and pieces of a documentary made about Clay’s activities in New Orleans – VHS tape style.

Speaking of New Orleans or New Bordeaux, it has a total of 9 districts and each offers different challenges, unique characters and atmosphere.

Mafia 3 is somewhat similar to other Mafia and Godfather games in this regard as each district will have its own crime rackets which you can take over and start getting a cut from different rackets including prostitution, drugs, moonshine business, illegal distribution of gasoline etc.

Like I mentioned above, this is the story of revenge which is the driving force for many characters in video games. But in the case of Clay revenge isn’t the only motivation. He is in search of a place to call home, he believed his search was over when he came back to the city and joined his old gang, before they were massacred by the Italian mob.

Revenge will be easier once you get access to a feature that lets you wiretape your enemies and listen to their calls for information related to their activities. You can track down targets and interrogate them for information as well.

Most of the mission you encounter are open ended can be completed in a number of ways. You will see different content by choosing different paths during a missions.