Mafia 3 Release Date Announced, New Trailer and Details Shared

Mafia 3 release date is announced, the game is coming out on October 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. We are also expecting the reveal of some new footage sometime today, we will update the article as soon as it arrives.

Mafia 3 was announced last year and follows the story of Lincoln Clay. He is a war veteran who returned from the Vietnam war in search of peace and his friends. He comes back to New Bordeaux, a fictional representation of New Orleans, only fall back in with his old gang.

His old gang soon gets attacked by the Italian mod and Clay is left for dead. He survives and is now out for revenge on the man responsible. Clay is building his own criminal empire and you will be in the driving seat to guide him through the process.

Mafia 3 features beautiful cars, pulpy dialogue, and is set in 1968. Speaking of cars, Mafia 3 will have intense car chases and drive-by shootings.

We always want to be providing you with skill checks in the game. I think that’s a fun element in a game and for me, it’s that combination of challenge and choice. It’s hard to have fun with a game if you’re not being challenged. you want to have something to overcome, but then you want to have choice with how you do that.

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Pre Ordering Mafia 3 will get you a “Family Kick-Back” pack that comes with 3 additional cars and 3 weapons. The game also has a deluxe edition ($80) and a limited collector’s ($150).  Mafia 3 deluxe edition comes with the game and its season pass while the limited collector’s edition comes with all deluxe edition contents along with game’s score on vinyl, art prints, a collectible art book and  some unannounced content.