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Legendary Designer John Romero Hints At New FPS

John Romero, former designer at Id Software who co-created DOOM, is making a lot of noise about his new PC first person shooter which he first announced 2 years ago.

He also released a Romero map in January for DOOM which is a great way to warm up for developing an FPS.

Oddly, the story starts from a website belonging to HOXAR Inc. We have never heard about this company but on the website, it states that the company has been developing new technologies for 40 years. The website claims that they have developed BLACKROOM, a holographic experience which smells and even feels real without any use of peripherals.

If we look at the website, it looks just like a business website and does not raise suspicion, but a Shack Room source has claimed that the website is hinting towards a FPS underdevelopment by Romero.

According to the source, the website does not give anything about the game but the Facebook page for the website drops a lot of hints towards holodeck.

How exactly this is related to the unnamed game is not yet known. However, John Romero himself tweeted that this might be true or in other words confirmed it?

As I mentioned earlier, Romero announced two years ago that he is working on a new first person shooter game, although it is not known that these two FPS games are one and the same. This would be the first game Romero worked since Daikatana if we ignore Romero map for DOOM.

what do you make of this? Are you excited for the new first person shooter by the legendary developer? Do let us know in the comments!