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The Division Loot Table Makes the High End Loot Hunting Easier

In case it wasn’t obvious enough that The Division is just Ubisoft’s version of Destiny, a group of enterprising players have crafted a The Division loot table, which allows new players to find out which bosses drop the best loot, or where they can find a specific item.

While in Destiny most of the loot drops are randomized, The Division allows the sort of min-max loot dropping that can help players to beef up their characters as much as possible by taking advantage of percentages, in contrast to Destiny, where the quality of loot drops is dependent on the missions you undertake, with buffs towards loot quality coming from Three of Coins items or special chests upon a completion of a run from the Prison of Elders.

The Division loot table that was put together by the players is a very organized thing; the bosses are divided into Dark Zone and Player vs Environment bosses, and handily divided further into various pie charts that show the quality and type of loot that you’d get from killing them.

While loot from The Division is still a mostly random affair like Destiny, the chart can most likely be used as a good indicator of where to go if there’s a certain weapon or piece of gear that you heard about and decided that you want. The chart goes by percentages, so if you want to try, say, looking for a piece of High-End purple gear, you can go into PVE games and try to kill Benchley.

If you’re not in the mood to look at the table every time you play the game, you can still get two of your friends together and do a run through Falcon Lost, the game’s first Incursion which came out earlier this month. Falcon Lost has been quickly becoming the best place in the game to farm for the best gear, much like, again, the raids in Destiny.