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Nintendo was Working on a 3D Game Boy Successor

Nintendo managed to smash its way onto the gaming stage back in 1989 with the first handheld video game device, the Game Boy. It later came out with the Game Boy Color, which led to the Game Boy Advance and on and on.

Nowadays we have the Nintendo 3DS and its derivatives, but in 1995 Nintendo was working on a new Game Boy successor that was codenamed “Project Atlantis.”

Project Atlantis would have been a successor not only to the Game Boy, but also to the Nintendo 64; the Game Boy successor would have had the same amount of power as the N64. Its battery life would have been over 30 hours, and capable of playing the same sort of detailed 3D games that the Nintendo 64 was capable of playing.

It was a pipe dream to be sure, considering that the Game Boy was, at the time, limited to 8-bit graphics and Project Atlantis would have had to be impractically huge in order to play on the sort of graphics quality that the Nintendo 64 put out.

While work on the handheld started in 1995, with a projected release date of 1996, the system never went into full production; apparently Nintendo was not happy with the thing’s size, stamina, and performance, and so Project Atlantis was cancelled.

Instead Nintendo released the Game Boy Color, a cruder Game Boy successor but a much more realistic one (at least in that time period, considering what all the Nintendo 3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS are able to do nowadays) that helped to preserve Nintendo’s position at the top of the handheld market.

The last we heard of Project Atlantis was a production photo back in 2009, but with the success of Nintendo’s other consoles we’ll most likely never see Project Atlantis in the flesh. And why would you want to, considering what Nintendo’s handheld consoles are able to do now?