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New Mafia 3 Trailer Coming Out Tomorrow

The “Mafia” series isn’t nearly as prolific of an open-world crime game as the Grand Theft Auto series, but that hasn’t stopped them from having two games before now. The first Mafia game came out in 2002, while the second game came out in 2010. A new Mafia 3 trailer will be coming out tomorrow, to give us the story of the upcoming third game.

Mafia stories are often a complicated thing, filled out by conflicting family loyalties, intrigue between mafia families, run-ins with the law, and shootouts, all wrapped up in a veneer of power and sophistication. This is especially clear with the game’s script; Mafia 2’s script reached the 700 page mark during development, which was only added to through the game’s DLC.

The Mafia series does its best to emulate mobster movies like Francis Ford Coppola’s “Godfather” series along with other film classics like Scarface, and for the most part does a pretty good job: the first two games have both been well-received by critics, and have been favorably compared to the Grand Theft Auto games.

The games serve as a darker, more realistic alternative to the Grand Theft Auto series, going away from cartoonish violence to dark stories that could be compared to movies themselves.

While they’ve been more controversial in Europe (specifically Italy, where the mafia is a clear and present danger towards many) due to the victims of mafia crime, that hasn’t stopped Illusion Softworks (now a branch of 2K under the name of 2k Czech) from putting out the games.

The new Mafia 3 trailer will be coming out tomorrow on 2K’s official YouTube channel at 1 PM British Summer Time, 12 PM Greenwich Mean Time, 5 AM Pacific Time, and 8 AM Eastern Time. The trailer, titled “One Way Road,” will be talking about the story of the game, so if you’re a fan of the Mafia series, look forward to it.