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Doom Open Beta is a Love Child of Halo and Call of Duty, It Isn’t Doom

Doom Open beta is now live to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Across all platforms, Doom has received mixed reviews and we are most unhappy with the new Doom trying to be something it should never be.

Doom open beta gameplay becomes stale after only a few games. Doom was suppose to be taking this series back to its roots but it looks like at least its beta isn’t taking it anywhere.

Betas are held to test the game before release and see if there are any problems that needs fixing e.g bugs, glitches, balancing etc. However, if there are problems with its core design, it should be worrisome for developers.

Doom is pretty much like a modern military shooter but with a hellish look. There are issues with gameplay pacing, limited level editor, pretty dull Doomguy, and a very annoying announcer that needs to die. The game is unimaginative and bland, we wouldn’t be wrong to call it Bethesda’s Call of Duty.

If fans wanted to play Call of Duty, they would’ve just ordered Black Ops 3.

Doom doesn’t know what it wants to be, it is stuck somewhere between a modern day shooter and the classic Doom and fails to offer anything that’s remotely similar to what a Doom game should be.

Doom is generic and boring.

Player’s movement speed is somewhere between Quake and Call of Duty. There are loadouts, taunts, you aren’t allowed to pick up weapons, weapons need to be unlocked, melee kills are overpowered.

All of the aforementioned would work in any of our modern day shooters and that is exactly the problem. It feels more like a Halo, Call of Duty, rather than Doom.

It is clear that ID is under pressure to bring in new players to revive Doom and possibly compete with Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Customization is a decent touch but doesn’t work for the game. Most of the time your character will look like a Spartan. The color themes provided to players don’t match with the color palette for the rest of the game.

Doom multiplayer basically tries to use the best of both worlds (modern day shooters, classic DOOM) and fails to find a middle ground that works.

Single player campaign would be different but even in multiplayer the game should remain true its roots and not follow the likes of other redundant shooters.

Doom is coming out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. You can share your opinions for the open beta and let me know what you think of mine in the comments below.