You Can Redownload P.T on Your PlayStation 4

By   /   Apr 18, 2016
Redownload P.T

P.T was suppose to be the next big Silent Hills game due to unforeseen events, Konami scrapped the game and Hideo Kojima with it. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was his last game before leaving Konami. P.T was a demo for Silent Hills that was exclusively available on PlayStation 4.

It isn’t anymore, however, you can bring it back to your PlayStation 4 console, you can redownload P.T. Keep in mind that the below mentioned method assumes that you have access to a PSN account and had P.T installed on your system at some point.

  • Download a software called SUWI
  • While downloading tick all of the options you see on screen
  • Download an IP Checker, check your IP and turn on your PlayStation 4
  • Go to settings > network > Setup internet connection > Choose custom setup and select the correct network
  • Select Automatic for IP Address Settings
  • DO NOT Specify DHCP
  • DNS settings Automatic
  • MTU settings Automatic
  • Use proxy server
  • Enter Your IP Address
  • Set Port to 808
  • Go to your library and find P.T and download it

We have verified this method and it actually works.

P.T was a project that started in collaboration with Guillermo Del Toro. Him and Hideo Kojima are still in touch and may work on a new project sometime in the future.

Meanwhile, there doesn’t seem to be any plans for a new Silent Hill game at Konami. The studio is working on a new Metal Gear game though.

Source: Wololo

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