Bravely Second Money Farming Guide: How To Earn Money Fast

In Bravely Second, you need to have plenty of money in order to carry out the various operations at the Moon Base and acquire access to special features. Our Bravely Second money farming guide walks you through all the methods you can use to amass a lot of money in short period of time.

Grinding for money in any RPG can be a tedious, lengthy task, so it’s understandable if players look for a quick and easy way out. This guide has a few tips to earn money fast and in large portions in Bravely Second through a few specific procedures.

Method 1
For earning money early game, the best way to farm is to get a Summoner Asterisk that has a Zuisudra’s Sin summon. Equip 3 wizard staffs with triple wield and a main wizard job with a sub command summon. Then, head over to an area like just outside Ancheim.

Here, you can basically one-shot everything and not only earn money really fast, but also gain some very fast XP. Credit to B2G Blogspot for this tip!

Method 2
The Ironman II monster in the Grand Mill often grants Normalizers if you steal from it. These can be sold for 1000 each.

In order to carry this out, you will need a Thief Asterisk. Simply keep stealing from them as much as possible and just keep selling till you have a hefty sum. For the best efficiency, having a Rob Blind will allow you to steal two Normalizers instead of one.

Method 3
Use a growth egg and follow the method shown in the following YouTube video. This has you basically using lots of Phoenix Downs to farm against skeleton enemies.

Coming back to the area after Chapter 5 can get you a lot of JP from just a handful of fights. Later on, you can even use Mimic ability to reduce the amount of Phoenix Downs you use.

If you have any additional methods that you would like to share with us for fast money farming in Bravely Second, please do so by posting in the comments section below!

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