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XCOM 2 Mod By RealityMachina Lets Your Squad Mates Have Kids

A new XCOM 2 mod by RealityMachina has released and it lets your squad mates hook up with each other and have children. Bonding and time traveler mod lets your squad mates to hook up and have children, the time traveling element involves when they reproduce a fully grown adult child.

Yes, that is right!

The mod gives you a fully grown and trained adult soldier who is ready to go to battle and die for a just cause. This means you don`t have to wait nine months or go through the difficult time of raising a child.

According to the modder, Bonding and time traveler mod works as follows:

Go to a soldier in the Armory, click on Find a bondmate. If anybody meets the requirements, click on them, click through the resistance communications thing (it’s basically a dummy alert to do all the magical kid stuff), then exit out of the armory.

You’ll notice the number of soldiers has gone up, go back, and find the new kid waiting to be promoted to Squaddie in the menu, with two additional cross class abilities from their parents (or psionic/lightning reflexes if the parents weren’t the base 4 classes) by default.

(I may change that depending on how many people use low rank soldier training mods like All Soldiers Gain XP or Patrol Training with this.)

The parents who participate in the baby making will not be available for more baby making afterwards, those looted exo-wombs don’t come cheap you know.

Previously RealityMachina released an XCOM 2 mod which brings relation building of Fire Emblem to the game.

XCOM 2 is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS.