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Sunset Overdrive Available In April’s Games For Gold

Free games are available for the second half of April through Xbox games with gold. The new games included are Sunset Overdrive and Saints Row IV while the games leaving the games for gold are Lords Of The Fallen and Dead Space while Wolf Among Us remains available until 30th of April.

It is also worth mentioning that games available for Xbox 360 will be playable on Xbox one through backwards compatibility. Microsoft has promised that they will frequently add more game to games for gold.

In a recently held survey it was revealed that 60% of Xbox gamers want Sunset Overdrive 2 although the original has seen its fare share of praise and criticism.

Compared to PS Plus, Games with Gold has a better lineup of games, that does not mean PS Plus does not offer anything good.

PS Plus free games of the April are Dead Star and Zombi for PlayStation 4 while I Am Alive and Savage Moon are available for PlayStation 3.

So what are you waiting for? turn on your console and start playing those free games.