Nintendo NX Gimmick, Polaris GPU, Luigi’s Mansion 3 Explained in Neogaf Info Dump

To add to all the Nintendo NX rumors, a massive NeoGaf information dump has fueled more speculation about the upcoming machine.

We already know that Nintendo NX is going to have a screen controller thanks to leaked patent images. It is believed that Nintendo NX controller will act a handheld device as well, capable of replacing 3DS. However, Neogaf user 10K whose previous posts have been backed by famed Nintendo Insider Emily Rogers, says that the controller is not what we may think.

It is a gimmick and will act like a dummy Vita that can be used to play games from your NX anywhere via the power of the Internet. In itself, it won’t have any processing capabilities other than minor OS functions using a small CPU.

Nintendo is using enhanced Wii U gamepad streaming Tech for Nintendo NX. You can use your home network or personal hotspots and play games on the controller while keeping the console in standby mode.

This is likely what Kimishima meant in his interview with Sankei “different way to play with a dedicated machine” and the whole “new way to experience games” mantra that’s been going around Nintendo PR.

There have been rumors of Luigi’s Mansion 3 being in development. According to 10K, it is true, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is being development by Next Level Games. The game was originally suppose to be on Wii U but due to a number issues including Wii U’s lackluster hardware capabilities, the development was moved to NX.

Another piece of information is regarding the type of GPU NX will be using which is a custom Polaris-GPU from AMD. The GPU will be using a FinFET 14nm fabrication node, however, the architecture is heavily customized for NX. It will be marginally better than Sony’s PlayStation 4 which means it will be even better than Xbox One.

Needless to say this information isn’t from an official source so take it with a grain of salt.