Gain Quadruple Points in This Weekend’s Battlefield 4 XP Event

Battlefield 4 players will be able to earn more experience points than ever before this weekend as EA DICE rolls out its first-ever Quadruple XP weekend. The Battlefield 4 XP event will run from today, April 15, to Sunday, April 18 at 11 AM.

For the first time ever, we’re bringing in the big guns with a quadruple XP weekend! Jump into any Official or Ranked match from April 15, 11AM PT to April 18, 11AM PT and get 4x the XP.

This is an ample opportunity for players that either are frustrated by slow progress at the higher levels of Battlefield 4’s multiplayer, or players that are new to it, to be able to rapidly progress in levels and gain new weapons and equipment.

The increase in XP can also be even more rapid if you have any sorts of XP bonuses, which stack on top of the 4X XP deal. So if you have a good number of 100% XP boosts, you can get several hundred thousand XP per game, if you do well.

And if you’ve only got enough time for one game? No worries, since you can play on either Official or Ranked servers, you can jump in on the Official servers with the game’s Quick Match function.

Otherwise, you can play on the Ranked server to play with people that are your own skill level, promising for a challenging game where all of the XP that you get will be worth it, especially when it’s quadrupled in value. Not to mention that with a ranked server you can pick and choose what you want the circumstances of your game to be.

But remember, the Battlefield 4 XP event only lasts until Sunday at 11 AM Pacific Time, so you’d best be working as much as you can tomorrow to get as much XP as you think you need.