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Cryptic Messages Hint Toward An Augmented Reality Game for Destiny

Bungie might be preparing its fans for an augmented reality game for Destiny as the users of receive messages which need to be deciphered by Absense Vigil, another user of the portal.

The messages have some subtle references about Destiny. Since the messages started to drop in, fans have started to decipher the information to find the link between these messages and the game.

Most peculiar thing is that the account information of the user Absense Vigil, who is sending these cryptic messages, is written in Latin but that didn’t stop the fans from translating it to make sense of things.

Most of the deciphered information is being shared on Reddit and all that hints towards some sort of Augmented Reality Game for Destiny.

If Bungie is indeed trying to hint towards an augmented reality game for Destiny then this would not be the first time Bungie did that. In 2004, Bungie promoted Halo 2 with a browser based game.

The fans are also connecting this situation to Rezyl Azzir, most likely a Bugine employee, who posted the information about Destiny`s April update and just after 17 minutes of the post, April update went live.

Let’s see how this story unfolds meanwhile check out the XUR item locations in Destiny which arrived on Friday and will remain available till Sunday.

Destiny is currently available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one.