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Rumor: Black Ops 3 10th Specialist Will Come via Supply Drops

A rumor suggests that Black ops 3 10th Specialist will be available through supply drops. The source of this rumor is a phone call between a user and a Activision Support rep. We can’t confirm the legitimacy of this rumor and its most likely fake.

This specialist is called “Black Jack” and is based on a black market dealer. Report claims this specialist will have the ability to hack the specialist of the opponents and use it for himself. Activision has not yet announced any new specialist that might be coming to Black Ops 3.

Black Ops 3 has already faced a lot of criticism from the community due how devs handled supply drops, and the DLC doesn’t offer anything substantial.

People who purchased the season pass are not happy because they are paying $49.99 for 16 new maps and 4 zombie maps. If we compare it to Halo 5 developers have offered all of the post launch DLC for free which are almost 20 maps and new modes.

The main problem with the supply drops is that what should have been included in the DLC we paid for like new guns, but we are getting those things through supply drops and either we have to purchase them or unlock them using Cryptokeys. We all are well aware of that earning Cryptokeys is actually very hard I mean the rate these keys are earned is very slow and the double Cryptokey weekend only held twice, even in double Cryptokey weekend the earn rate is not much improved.

So Activision should release this 10th specialist in Black Ops 3 as free for season pass owners or make it a separate purchase but not in supply drops.

Via: Charlie Intel