Yet More The Division Glitches Plague Gamers

As if the fact that the “missing face” bug was still present in The Division wasn’t enough proof that this was a Ubisoft game, players have encountered yet more The Division glitches, even after a patch that came out before the April update (though considering the update’s size, some things were likely to get missed).

At first, the bugs in the game were good for a laugh or two: the addition of player collision caused players to have to form lines on launch day in order to get the first quest to get into the game, an issue that wasn’t helped by some idiots deciding to troll everyone else and stand in the doorway demanding a password. Other things involved players stuck doing jumping jacks while moving around.

There have also been exploitable The Division glitches that can give you huge amounts of high-end gear and crafting materials, allowing you to farm certain missions in a situation akin to the Destiny “Loot Cave” (which notably Bungie fixed after a single patch and it hasn’t come up again).

Then, more serious bugs began to come out, like how glitches could cause you to lose your character and every piece of gear in your backpack, or kick you out of the game and not allow you to log back in.

There are even bugs in the loading screens! While the game thankfully doesn’t appear to be at the same level of non-functionality as Ubisoft’s last horrifically buggy game Assassin’s Creed: Unity, it’s definitely not nearly as stable as the game’s E3 footage would have one believe, and the fact that the game was actually delayed several times to give Ubisoft more time to code makes it all the more egregious that things like this are happening.