Uncharted 4 Cutscenes Will Not be Pre-Rendered

Naughty Dog’s upcoming game Uncharted 4 will be pushing the boundaries of what the Playstation 4 can do a good ways due to its stunning graphics engine and staggering size. The game will be a first in a number of ways, such as new combat mechanics, new characters, a new story, and even a new way for Uncharted 4 cutscenes to play.

In previous Uncharted games, pre-rendered cutscenes have been used in order to create the scenes that help to bring the story together. In Uncharted 4 cutscenes, Naughty Dog has done away with the “fade to black to enter a cutscene” method and instead has smoothly integrated it. The game’s lead designer Ricky Cambier offered an explanation.

“We are able to offer a lot of space to explore with a high detail level. In addition, one of the things we are doing, for the first time, is that there will be no cut-scenes prerendered. In the past we always had a black frame to switch to cut-scenes. Now we do not do that. That was a kind of limitation that we had to accept. “

Uncharted 4’s story focuses around the adventures of our favorite fortune hunter Nathan Drake and his brother Sam Drake as they travel the world, eventually heading to Madagascar to discover the legendary lost pirate colony of Libertatia and the pirate treasure that it holds. This will take them everywhere from cities to the African Savannah to the jungles of Madagascar itself.

Naughty Dog has even already begun thinking up ideas for Uncharted 4 DLC along the vein of the “Left Behind” DLC from The Last Of Us.

Naughty Dog has already boasted that Uncharted 4 will be a massive game more ambitious than anything that they’ve ever put out before, and with that kind of praise we can only hope that it’ll be a worthy game to end the Uncharted series on, despite Naughty Dog’s financial difficulties putting it in a tight spot in recent years during the game’s development.