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Pokemon GO Gym, Training, Battles and Other Details

Pokemon GO beta testing has begun in Australia which gave us a few details on Gym Functionality. Pokemon GO Gym training won’t be turn based, instead, it is a brawl.

During wild encounters keep at eye on the shrinking circle colors which indicate the probability of a catch. From Red to Green it shows how difficult or easy a catch is.

You can feed Pokemon berries to make the shrinking circle move towards green, however, that is only allowed once per encounter. You can also use Poke Ball for this purpose.

When you claim a Gym you use your own Pokemon to guard it and same is the case for training. Two of your own Pokemon will fight each other.

Keep all of your strongest  Pokemon ready to go while training otherwise other Pokemon won’t be able to beat your strongest.

Before training begins a random Pokemon from your inventory will be selected but you have the option to change it before the battle begins. Swipe left or right to dodge and if you master dodging, you can dodge all the way behind an enemy and attack.

AoE attacks on the other hand always register damage even while you are dodging. Tap to attack, tap and hold to use a charged attack. The stamina bar is divided into two parts and refills 20% per second. Using a charged attack consumes 50% of your stamina.

Types have an influence over damage.

You will get a “It’s not very effective” message for water vs. water. Meanwhile, “It’s super effective” message will appear if you use a type advantage.

Winning during training will give you 50XP and 50 pts for the Gym. Damage received during training will have to be healed by using healing items, there doesn’t seem to be any Pokemon centers in the game. Also, use Revive or Max Revive in case a pokemon faints. If your Pokemon faints the next in line will come to finish the job.

You will need to wrap up your battles in 120 seconds and you are allowed to line up 6 Pokemon instead of training only one

Level 1 Gyms reach Level 2 at 500 Prestige points. Meanwhile, Level 2 Gyms reach Level 3 Gyms at 1000 prestige points.

Beating Gyms will raise your prestige level and drop theirs by half a prestige.