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Mirror’s Edge VR Isn’t Something EA is Looking Into

Isn’t Mirror’s Edge just perfect for VR? Well, EA is definitely interesting in VR but Mirror’s Edge VR isn’t what they are interested in for the time being, according to lead designer Erik Odelsahl and lead producer Amo Mostofi.

They explained that the development team is interested in developing a VR experience. However, even if we think Mirror’s Edge VR is a good idea, there is a possibility of it going horribly wrong due its movement mechanics. VR is a very immersive experience so you may end up vomiting or feeling nauseated playing a game with such ┬átraversal mechanics.

They never thought of Mirror’s Edge as a VR vessel.

Mostofi said:

I think this game has so much potential, it’s the best and the worst, but from our end, we never specifically looked at Mirror’s Edge as a VR vessel […] I think if we are ever going to do anything with VR, we would want to build something specifically for VR.

Odelsahl went on to say:

As a studio, it’s definitely something we’re looking at. I think the important thing here is that VR is such a different thing. I mean if we do it, we should do it right. So, it’s going to take research and it’s going to take a proper implementation for it.

DICE is hiring staff to work on VR projects with its FrostBite Engine. But EA won’t be releasing a VR title anytime soon. There is still a lot they need to learn before they can jump into this market.

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Source: IGN