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LibreVR Plug-in Revive Lets you Play Oculus VR Games On HTC Vive

Since the release of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, both are trying to win the virtual reality race. Seems like HTC is ahead of the curve as HTC Vive`s software hub, SteamVR, is accessible by Oculus headset wearers but Oculus home does not support HTC Vive.

Palmer Luckey founder of the Oculus has publicly stated:

We can only extend our SDK to work with other headsets if the manufacturer allows us to do so.

Oculus seemingly have passed the blame on HTC and Steam as to why their VR ready games are not supported on other virtual reality headsets present in the market. Valve has denied these accusations.

However, owners of the HTC Vive headsets don`t need to wait for the companies to resolve their legal problems, because there is a new LibreVR plugin called Revive that will let you play Oculus VR games on HTC Vive.

The patch works as the author stated:

It works by reimplementing functions from the Oculus Runtime and translating them to OpenVR calls.

However, Oculus has a code signing check on all runtime DLLs and revive DLLs can`t be used until its completely patched. This may violate Oculus Rifts terms and policies. This plug-in comes with Lucky`s Tale patch notes along with Oculus Dreamdeck experimental app.

Both of these have different game engines as Lucky`s tale is based on Unity engine while Dreamdeck app is based on unreal engine. Thanks to the different game engines, both of them have different steps to become HTC Vive compatible. These patches can only be applied to Oculus Store games built in unity and unreal engine.

If you get it working and you can play Oculus VR games on HTC Vive. Do note that in some games Xinput will do the job while in others, you will need Xbox One controller but some cinematic games were exception to the rule as controllers didn’t work at all.

What are your thoughts about Oculus`s VR games not working on HTC Vive, LibreVR Plug-in Revive letting you play Oculus VR games on HTC Vive.