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GameStop COO Hints at “New Consoles”

GameStop COO is often the base of many rumors and speculations in the gaming industry. The retailer leaked PlayStation VR release window as late 2016 while everyone was expecting a Q1 launch.

Now, GameStop is hinting an “imminent” release of multiple consoles. The retailer said it knows more than it share when pressed.

During GameStop Investor/Analyst Day, GameStop COO, Tony Bartel said:

Although we have not modeled extensive growth for new innovation in this presentation, we are very pleased to see the introduction of technology like virtual reality and rumored new console launches, some of which seem imminent.

They sure are talking about Nintendo NX but what other consoles are heading our way? Well, the safe bet is PlayStation 4K that is long rumored to have 4K media support and upscaling of games from their native resolution. Meanwhile, recently a slimmer model of Xbox One was spotted at the Brazilian equivalent of the FCC.

Nintendo NX is the only one which is officialy confirmed, the other two consoles are only rumored but like I said, gameStop knows more than it can share. “As usual, we know more than we can share.”

Are you expecting PlayStation 4K and Xbox One Slim to be at E3?