Fallout: New Vegas Player Beats Game In 20 Minutes

The gaming world has a new world record for itself from the speedrun of a Fallout: New Vegas player. The player in question, a YouTuber named HollazHollan, managed to complete Fallout: New Vegas in just 20 minutes by simply speeding from one main quest to another.

It’s even faster than a Fallout 3 speedrun that saw the whole game completed in around 24 minutes, and of another Fallout: New Vegas speedrun that was completed in the same amount of time.

It’s not an entirely clean run (numerous exploits and glitches are used in order for him to bypass various walls and prevent him from dying from fall damage when he jumps from high places) but through specializing in the Speech trait of the character screen he’s able to worm his way into anything that he needs to, including killing Mr. House and taking over New Vegas, denying the New California Republic the use of Hoover Dam, and seducing Benny before killing him.

The Fallout: New Vegas player even decided to use the Italian dubbing, because it goes faster than the English voice acting does.

The run is also notable in that Hollan barely has to fire a shot during the entire run, doing his best to not make anyone angry and taking routes that will allow him to avoid having to get into combat. Even the final boss fight in the form of Legate Lanius is resolved by Hollan convincing Lanius that Caesar’s Legion holding every part of the territory Caesar wants is impossible.

The run is also bare in terms of sidequests; Hollan does nothing but the main quest the second he’s out the door. Most of the video is spent running across the Mojave Wasteland, only stopping in a few buildings and even then only doing story-related greetings before giving a hurried “Goodbye” and charging out the door.

It’s probably the fastest mainly because by using his exploits, Hollan is able to bypass a large amount of other bumps in the road that would have extended the run a great deal, but hopefully someone will be able to get an even shorter run without having to result to cheating.