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EEDAR: Xbox One reached 20 million Units Sold by Dec 2015

EEDAR, Electronic Entertainment Design and Research, holded a presentation at GDC 2016 called Awesome Video Game Data which was presented by Geoffrey Zatkin. In the presentation Geoffrey Zatkin revealed that the firm estimates that Xbox one reached 20 million units sold mark in December 31st 2015.

This is very  interesting since Microsoft does not release any unit sales for the Xbox one , instead they  release other figures, such as monthly active users.

A similar prediction was also shared by VGChartz, but according to them Xbox one reached 20 million units sold mark in February 2016.

There were also many other facts and predictions in the presentation. For one Valve`s game sales have doubled from 2014 to 2015. That’s in all likelihood to the Steam Greenlight, where almost every title is accepted within a week.

There’s a fair amount of argument on the internet that these games do more harm than good, with several users wanting a strict approval process. According to EEDAR, 8th generation of consoles is way ahead of the last generation in terms of sales, if you remove Nintendo consoles (Wii and Wii U) from the equation.

Almost 60% of the North American population are gamers with average age of 35 years. They also revealed that out of that 60% population, male gamers make 55% and female gamers make 45%. Also eSports prize pool have been increased double from last year, going from 35 million last year to 70 million this year.

Although this data can`t be confirmed because these are third party facts and predictions, so we have to wait for the official numbers are revealed by the respective companies.

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