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Dark Souls 3 Items Trading ‘Best Crow Trades Guide

In Dark Souls 3, the rooftop of the Firelink Shrine houses a secret, but requires you to purchase the BellTower Key from Shrine Handmaid for 20,000 Souls.

After you have acquired the BellTower Key, head up the tower towards the bridge and drop down onto the rooftop of the Firelink Shrine. Once you are there, search for a nest.

The nest in question belongs to Snuggly the Crow who should be more than willing to trade various items with you. Once you are near the nest, you should be able to ‘Leave’ a specific item and ‘Obtain’ another item in return.

One important thing to note here is that you can only leave 1x of a specific item. For more help on Dark Souls 3, read our How to Level Up Fast, Character Builds Guide, Infusion and Reinforcement Guide.

The following section contains information on what you can trade with Snuggly the Crow in Dark Souls III – the items on the left-hand-side are the ones you can leave and the items on the right-hand-side area the ones you can obtain:

Alluring Skull – Hello Carving
Hidden Blessing – Thank You Carving
Divine Blessing – Very good! Carving
Shriving Stone – I’m sorry Carving
Yorshka’s Chime – Help Me! Carving
Cleric’s Sacred Chime – Help Me! Carving
Priest’s Chime – Help Me! Carving
Saint-Tree Bellvine – Help Me! Carving
Caitha’s Chime – Help Me! Carving
Crystal Chime – Help Me! Carving
Lightning Urn – Iron Helm
Siegbräu – Armor of the Sun
Homeward Bone – Iron Bracelets
Seed of a giant Tree – Iron Leggings
Firebomb – Large Titanite Shard
Rope Firebomb – Large Titanite Shard
Black Firebomb – Titanite Chunk
Rope Black Firebomb – Titanite Chunk
Undead Bone Shard – Porcine Shield
Blacksmith Hammer – Titanite Scale
Avelyn – Titanite Scale
Prism Stone – Twinkling Titanite
Large Leather Shield – Twinkling Titanite
Xanthous Crown – Lightning Gem
Moaning Shield – Blessed Gem
Eleonora – Hollow Gem
Vertebra Shackle – Lucatiel’s Mask
Loretta’s Bone – Ring of Sacrifice
Coiled Sword Fragment – Titanite Slab
Mendicant’s Staff – Sunlight Shield

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