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Xbox One UI in Windows 10 is a Good Idea; Xbox 360 Servers Not Going Anywhere

It was rumored at the start of this year that Microsoft might be shutting down the Xbox 360 servers sometime in November this year seeing how that would almost give it the same life as the previous platform. However the head of Xbox Phil Spencer had denied any such plans back in January. Now, he has reiterated that the servers are here to stay for years. Also, he likes the idea of an Xbox One UI on Windows 10!

The head of Xbox division at Microsoft is quite active on Twitter and is usually found answering questions and discussing probabilities with the fans.

This time, one of the fans pitched the idea of Steam BigPic inquiring whether Microsoft had ever considered “implanting Xbox OS/UI into Win10 as a similar feature and alt to WinStore” because “It would be great way to help make things couch comfy for those that use it that way. Also easier to buy/access games & apps.”

In his reply, Spencer said that he likes the idea and that he totally agreed that this would be of great help in some cases. Spencer added that if this was to come out, it “would also need to have UI control of Win10 with controller, including login.”

So I guess an Xbox One UI on Windows 10 is a possibility after all.

Moving on, he debunked rumors that the Xbox 360 servers will be shutting down this year or the next before adding that Backwards Compatibility “adds more life to the 360 services as 360 games run on current HW, servers will be going strong for years.”

So are you satisfied now?