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New Alienation Details On Weapons, Cores, Upgrades and More

On the official PlayStation blog, community manager Tommaso De Benetii from Housemarque studio, shared some new Alienation details.

He said two things set their new game apart from their previously developed titles, which are the loot system and weapons mechanics. He further explained that in their previous game players could buy and upgrade any weapon between stages.

In Alienation, however, weapons and upgrades can be found inside boxes or dropped by enemies upon death. He explained that we will have a chance to equip a rare weapon or upgrade weapon style between stages to match our play style.

In the blog Tommaso De Benetii also said that there are four different types of alien cores in Alienation, each upgradable up to five times and activating a different effect when set in one of the weapon slots. For example, red cores increase damage dealt to the enemy while yellow cores increase the clip or magazine size of the weapon. You will have to carefully plan where to put your cores collected during the game, it is a vital part of game progression.

Further there are different metals obtainable through loot. Each metal has different rarity from “Stock” to “Legendary”. These metals will allow you to reset your weapon stats, this will improve your chances for the next level.

Another detail he shared with us that some weapons have special perks which can only be activated when you mount cores in a specific pattern. These perks can create a chance of lightning strike between enemies when bullets hit them.

Tommaso De Benetii said:

The idea behind all this is to get players to invest in their weapons of choice and carefully plan their arsenal before jumping into the fight — we feel that the system adds a lot of replayability and believe you will love it.

Alienation will be released for PS4 on 26th of April 2016.

Source: PlayStation Blog