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Rod Fergusson Tweets Gears Of War 4 Challenge

Studio head Rod Fergusson at Coalition studio tweeted on his personal account which almost feels like a Gears Of War 4 challenge for gamers who are ready to take part in beta.

In his tweet Ferguson said there are rewards for multiplayer beta of Gears Of War 4 and also challenged the players at the same time by asking “Can you make it to level 20 to earn them ?”. Though Ferguson has not revealed what are the rewards but the image in the tweet indicates that they will be revealed today.

It’s important to mention that the beta for Gears Of War 4 has not yet started. It will begin from 24 April and will end on May 1st. Players who played Gears of War Ultimate Edition will have early access to the beta, for them beta will Start from 18 April.

Developer of Gears of War 4 also revealed that beta codes for the players who bought Gears of war Ultimate Edition will sent in batches, which means players would have to wait for several hours or days after the beta actually starts.

Until the beta starts you can check out a couple of clips released by the developers. First clip showcases their new weapon dropshot which drills in the skull of the enemies and detonates giving you a satisfying head explosion. While the second one showcases brutal melee combat, you can impale your enemies with your weapon and then shoot them in the direction of your liking.

Also checkout the story trailer for Gears Of War 4 which gives a brief  look at the narrative of the game.

Do you accept Gears Of War 4 Challenge by Rod Fergusson for the beta?

Gears Of War 4 releases for Xbox One on October 1, although a PC version has been rumored but nothing’s confirmed yet.