Possible New Red Dead Map Leaked

There’s been a lot of various rumors around the internet about Red Dead Redemption 2, and even though there hasn’t been anything concrete about it, we may now have a new Red Dead map, leaked onto a NeoGAF thread.

Looking at the map, I have to say that the map doesn’t look so pretty so there are chances that it might very well be a fake or an early work in progress.

The sequel to the critically acclaimed title has been the subject of many rumors in the past few years, ever since it was released in 2010. With Rockstar later releasing Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare and throwing the silliness switch on the otherwise dark, Sam Peckinpah-like setting of the Texas/Mexico border.

Various leaks and hints that Rockstar had been working on the game had been coming in for a long time, ranging from employees mentioning the game on their resumes, to various leaks like this one, but Rockstar has yet to officially reveal anything.

If the first Red Dead Redemption’s anything to go on, we’ll most likely be playing as John Marston’s son John Marston Junior (or Jack), who becomes a gunslinger like his father after (SPOILERS) he’s gunned down on the orders of the corrupt and monstrous US official Edgar Ross.

The time period might also change from the eve of the First World War to the interwar period, the twenty years of tenuous peace between World War 1 and World War 2 and some of the last parts of what can be called the “Wild West” as civilization intrudes onto the wilds of the Western frontier, which means that we’ll either have a new Red Dead map, or an old map with new twists.

We still don’t really have any information about when Red Dead Redemption will come out, but we’ll most likely be seeing something at E3 if Rockstar and Take Two think that it’ll be ready to at least be announced, if not get a trailer or be released before the end of this year.