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Play Rainbow Six Siege Free on Steam This Weekend

If you’ve been debating whether or not to buy Rainbow Six Siege ever since it came out in December of last year, Ubisoft is giving you an opportunity to try it out for yourself now that they’re letting you play Rainbow Six Siege free on Steam this weekend.

The team-based first-person shooter is somewhat different from previous Rainbow Six titles, as you play a special SWAT unit that’s brought in to deal with a terrorist movement that has been striking across the world.

The game takes you to a variety of maps in a variety of different countries: You play in a suburban home in America, a diplomatic consulate, a ski lodge in the mountains, a bank, a fancy club, a military base, a canal, a restaurant, an Oregon farm, a university, and a head of state’s airliner.

In order to play Rainbow Six Siege free on Steam, it can be downloaded today and played until Sunday, April 17, at 1 PM.

If you want to actually buy the game as well, it’ll be 33% off during that time until April 18. Improved ranked play, balance changes, and other much-requested fixes, were addressed in a recent patch for the game.

The game was essentially the Terrorist Hunt mode from the Rainbow Six: Vegas games, which were highly popular. The game also placed a large amount of emphasis on environmental destruction, allowing you to cause heavy damage to a play area as you planted charges and grenades to bring down walls and doors, shot holes in walls, and swung in through windows.

You’ll have the entire weekend if you want to think over whether you want to play Rainbow Six Siege free or not, but you’d best hurry if you’ve always been intrigued by it or have been waiting for a sale, because it may not happen again until this summer or longer.