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Final Fantasy XIV Feast Mode Introduced

Today on the Official PlayStation blog Square Enix’s community manager revealed that Final Fantasy XIV has been updated to version 3.26 and said they are prepared to kick off something big.

In his blog he announced that the update adds Final Fantasy XIV Feast Mode

Community manager explained:

The Feast is the brand-new player vs. player (PvP) mode in Final Fantasy XIV that will allow you to show everyone that you’re the best at what you do!

He further said that victory in Feast Mode will bring awesome rewards at the end of every season and the top ranked players will get the rarest loot.

What is Feast Mode?

According to the blog it’s a new pvp mode which tasks players with proving themselves in skill based combat against other players from their entire data center, while also featuring several new additions to pvp in Final Fantasy XIV

  • Collect medals from your opponents as you race to earn the amount required for victory!
  • Be careful collecting too many medals, as you’ll become the focus of the enemy team and you’ll lose half your held medals upon K.O.!
  • Fight to the top of the leaderboards on your road from Bronze to Diamond tier!
  • Everyone is synced to the same item level so you can focus on skill and teamwork instead of gear stats!
  • Use your personal limit break, “Adrenaline Rush”, to turn the tide in a tight fight!
  • Use strategic offensive and defensive supplies on the battlefield to your teams’ advantage!
  • Earn exclusive prizes for the top 100, top 10 and the number one player on each data centre!
  • Rankings will reset every Season so new players have an even playing field on their race to the top!

In order to play this Final Fantasy XIV Feast mode you first have to be at level 50 and you have to unlock Wolf’s Den and it will automatically be made available once you reach level 60.

For 4v4 mode, you can play solo as well as in a party of up to four players. Meanwhile, for 8v8 you can sign up either solo, or with a buddy. Keep in mind that team matches are ranked on a separate ranking list while 8v8 matches are more fun-oriented and not ranked to make them less competitive.

As you progress through the tiers, so they won’t interfere with your solo ranking at all. 8v8 matches take place in a larger arena, giving you more tactical opportunities for sneaking up on or evading opponents.

In the blog they explained that Final Fantasy XIV Feast mode introduces a tier system. As you win matches you will progress through tiers. Once you move to the bronze tier you can make your way to diamond tier where the best compete with each other.

The Final Fantasy XIV Feast mode introduces a new set of skills to the one’s that have already being used in Final Fantasy XIV. All of these skills will be unlocked from the start, as you raise your rank you will be able to modify or strengthen them with the points you have earned.

A slew of new features have been added as well, you can check them out on the official PlayStation Blog.