eSports Audience Are 81% Male: Nielsen Report

eSports in an increasingly diverse market one of the fastest growing market segment of the gaming industry. A new report from Nielsen shows that in terms of diversity in audience it still has not gone anywhere. The report indicates that 81% of the eSports audience are male. This gives legitimacy to the general population’s perception that most of the gamers are male.

Nielsen 360 gaming report showed some more different observations about composition of increasingly diverse audience for games. The report shows that in mobile/tablet  gaming, 49% of players are female and in 8th generation of consoles 35% of players a female. These demographics defy the common perception of the general population about gamers is the past.

However, it is most likely that the composition of eSports audience is similar to those who followed or watched video games before the mobile and casual gaming came into existence.

According to Nielsen 360 Gaming Report only 10% of the [population considers itself fans of eSports, and among those 10% of the population 81% of the eSports audience are more likely to be male.

Nielsen also indicated in its report that average income of the audience of eSports is $69,000 which makes them very attractive to marketers. The expectations for eSports sector growth are very high. While Newzoo projects that eSports will generate $765 million in annual revenues by the end of 2018.

Last year in October, Superdata who looks into playable media and games market published a report that by the end of 2018 eSports will generate 1.9 billion dollars in annual revenue, while North America and Europe make 52% of the market.

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